Who is Jessa Janes?

Jessa Janes is an awarded & published photographer based in Cleveland, OH. She has had a camera in her hands since before she could remember, often being scolded for 'wasting film' on a million pictures of her many pets & horses. Although she didn't foresee herself becoming a photographer, she was going to be a horse trainer. She did go on to be a horse trainer, but that quickly become the secondary career when she fully took on photography in her 20s.

She is known for her friendly, quirky & weird demeanor & she treats everyone as though she has known them her whole life. She is an avid equestrian of 25+ years, an incredibly loving mother to 2 beautiful little girls, an active member in the animal rescue community, an environmentally friendly part of society, a psychology junky.

While she is known for her rather eccentric, style-less, almost bipolar, fine art photography, she also loves portraiture projects!